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Abdulla Afghani, winner of the 1st battle, received his gifts ! / Abdulla Afghani, vainqueur de la 1

As the winner of the first battle on, Abdulla Afghani, an Afghan Freestyler, received his gifts :

-a certificate of winner of the battle

-a t-shirt FWF

Thanks to him for this picture !

If you also want to win some gifts and to participate to battles, you have to register as a freestyler, and you have to complete your profile with photos, videos, general and technical informations.

You can also buy this t-shirt on the FWF Store.

En tant que vainqueur de la première battle sur, Abdulla Afghani, Freestyler Afghan, a reçu ses cadeaux :

-un certificat de vainqueur de la battle

-un t-shirt FWF

Merci à lui pour cette photo !

Si toi aussi tu veux gagner des cadeaux et participer aux battles, tu dois t'inscrire en tant que freestyler, et completer ton profil avec photos, vidéos, informations techniques générales.

Tu peux aussi acheter ce t-shirt sur le FWF Store.