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M-Fix winner of the third FWF Battle / M-Fix vainqueur de la troisième Battle FWF

M-Fix, a Moroccan Freestyler, won the 3rd FWF Battle against the Japanese Freestyler Yosshi.

He won 78 - 7 votes. So he won 78 x 2 = 156 points for the FWF World Ranking, and he's now at the first place !

He will soon receive some gifts...

Congratulations to him.

PS : the winner of the second Battle was Klikla, a German Freestyler who won 4 - 3 votes. He received a FWF T-shirt and a FWF Certificate (winner of the battle). We are still waiting for his photos...

M-Fix, Freestyler Marocain, a gagné la 3ème Battle FWF contre le Japonais Yosshi.

Il a gagné 78 votes à 7. Il a donc remporté 78 x 2 = 156 points pour le Classement Mondial FWF et il est maintenant premier !

Félicitations à lui.

PS : le vainqueur de la seconde Battle était Klikla, un Freestyler Allemand qui a gagné 4 votes à 3. Il a reçu un T-shirt FWF and un certificat FWF (vainqueur de la battle). Nous attendons toujours ses photos...

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