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FWF Contest 2K14 - Make Your video and register ! / Tourne ta vidéo et inscris toi !

LOGO-bis-FWF-CONTEST-2K14.png launches FWF Contest 2K14!

This new virtual online competition in the form of a cup, will oppose Freestylers from the 4 corners of the planet, both amateurs and professionals! This competition is mixed and may therefore oppose a freestyler to a female freestyler.

The kickoff will be given on Wednesday the 1st of October, 2014.

As for the world championship FWF, only the public (= users) will decide the winner of each battle. But here, regardless of the number of votes received, the key is to have more votes than his opponent to advance to the next round!

The rules of FWF Contest 2K14 are simple:

1) You must make a video specially for the event, in which you must make a dedication to the website and clarify that it is a video for the FWF Contest 2K14 (you can say, write, use the medium of your choice as long as the message gets to spend).

2) The video must be between 1 minute and 1 minute 30 seconds.

3) You need to register* by using the official registration form. To do this, click on the Allopass button below, send sms (follow the instructions on the screen), then get your code on your phone that will allow you to register and participate in this international competition!

4) Participants have the right to vote for the battles. However, if a freestyler vote for himself the vote will not be counted in the end.

*Registration with the submission of your video will be available until Wednesday, September 17th, 2014.

Awards :

Only the first four (winner, finalist, and the two losing semi-finalists) will be rewarded.

The winner will win :

-1 FWF Contest 2K14 Trophy

-1 Komball Balloon

-1 Komball DVD

-1 Hitmen of Skills Ballon

-1 t-shirt Hitmen of Skills

-2 t-shirts Univ5

-1 strap bag pouch NBA Basketball

-12 cans of Freestyle Energy

-1 t-shirt Freestyle Energy

-1 cap of Freestyle Energy

The losing finalist will win :

-1 little FWF Contest 2K14 Finalist Trophy

-1 Komball Balloon