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Who will win the FWF Contest 2K14 ? / Qui gagnera le FWF Contest 2K14?


We now know who is registered for the FWF Contest 2K14 !

There's 18 contestants from 12 coutries (many others freestylers wanted to participate but were in late...) :

-Ayoub (Tunisia)

-Bacem Hagui (France)

-Drii Street Style (Mexico)

-Full (France)

-Juanan (Spain)

-Julio (France)

-LMC56 (France)

-Lyhne (Denmark)

-Mino-Style (France)

-Munday (England)

-Noui07 (Algeria)

-Ptrooc (Italy)

-Radolslav Marchin (Bulgaria)

-Robbie (Switzerland)

-Sid (India)

-SidArt (India)

-Skora (Poland)

-SodaCero (Mexico)

Nous connaissons maintenant les inscrits au FWF Contest 2K14 !

Il y a 18 participants (beaucoup d'autres freestylers ont voulu s'enregistrer mais en retard...) venant de 12 pays différents :

-Bacem Hagui (France)

-Drii Street Style (Mexique)

-Full (France)

-Juanan (Espagne)

-Julio (France)

-LMC56 (France)

-Lyhne (Danemark)

-Mino-Style (France)

-Munday (Angleterre)

-Noui07 (Algérie)

-Ptrooc (Italie)

-Radolslav Marchin (Bulgarie)

-Robbie (Suiss)

-Sid (Inde)

-SidArt (Inde)

-Skora (Pologne)

-SodaCero (Mexique)

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